Hillside House

This multi-award winning hot climate home from Gavin Dale Design has been featured on “Australia’s Best Houses” TV show where it was showcased for its contemporary modern look and impressive solar passive design.

Utilising a simple palette of corrugated iron and weatherboard, this timber and steel framed design responds to the slope by terracing down the hillside. Oriented to the northern sun, the design captures the cooling summer breezes that rise from the valley to the northeast. Blade walls then funnel the air along the pool to provide free natural evaporative airconditioning to both the veranda and, interior spaces via the louvered breezeway.

The garage and western portal brace offer defiant shelter and protection from the punishing western sun and, dusty hots winds.

Winner: Building Design Awards

2012: JVP Design award for Best Use of Architectural Product from Bluescope Steel.

2013: Master Builders Association Excellence in Housing award.

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