“Voted One of Australia’s Top 10 Country Home Designs”

From being originally featured on Australia’s Best Houses (click on video below), we are very proud that our award winning Hillside home made it to Channel 7 the Morning Show as one of Australia’s Top 10 Country Homes for it’s contemporary and hot climate home design aspects.

Click on play button in video to watch the walk-through review of this multi-award winning hot climate home designed by Gavin Dale:



“Barely a day passes that I don’t inwardly thank Gavin for designing us a home which is brilliantly workable as a farmhouse and family home, yet has the feel of a holiday resort—one we never have to leave!” 

Neville and Anne Younghusband from Gilgandra NSW share the full story of their dream Rural Home below…

The condition of our 80-odd-year-old farmhouse was terminal. Having lived in it for decades, our knowledge of architects, builders and prevailing trends was zero. A recommendation from a friend steered us in Gavin Dale’s direction, and the rest, as they say, is history.

To borrow a line from Jerry Maguire: He had us at ‘Hello’! From our very first meeting we were impressed with Gavin’s enthusiasm and affability. Conversation flowed easily, and it quickly became apparent that designing a residence means much more to him than simply producing plans that tick the client’s boxes. It is as personal to Gavin as a canvas is to a painter. He possesses an artist’s vision, but how does one juggle such a vision with the fundamental prerequisites of a client’s brief? Read on!

When he presented his detailed concept to us, the style was a huge departure from our traditional old homestead. My husband jumped in boots and all, but I needed a little more persuasion to nudge me into the 21st Century! Gavin was respectful, understanding, patient and responsive. He made seemingly difficult issues painless, and my trust and confidence in him and his abundant abilities grew while any uncertainties dissolved. He was never too busy to listen, discuss or explain.

Gavin’s passion is to create bespoke buildings of sustainability and beauty using materials which are a natural, compatible fit with their surroundings. In our case, the setting was a working farm. This may seem a romantic notion, but in reality the Australian bush has very harsh climatic extremes, along with plenty of dust, flies and other unwelcome guests like snakes! Therefore, a serviceable, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient dwelling was top priority. His careful attention to every detail, particularly climate-related, resulted in a house that is perfectly in tune with its rural landscape.

What about the “artist’s vision”? One of Gavin’s talents is to inject unique flair into his concepts without compromising functionality. He is able to seamlessly balance practicalities and aesthetics, while staying strictly within budget. His designs have the ability to surprise and captivate – he has certainly nailed the “Wow” factor (that very word is uttered by visitors, repeatedly!)

Our new home has exceeded our wildest expectations, and we are delighted! It is as timeless as it is contemporary, as beautiful as it is functional, as comfortable as it is efficient. It is an absolute joy to reside and work in, and barely a day passes that I don’t inwardly thank Gavin for designing us a home which is brilliantly workable as a farmhouse and family home, yet has the feel of a holiday resort—one we never have to leave!

We live in a Gavin Dale home. How blessed we are!

Neville and Anne Younghusband

“Kirwee”, Curban via Gilgandra NSW



Gavin Dale is an award winning residential designer of works primarily focused within the rural landscape of western New South Wales. With an established practice, his designs seek to meet the climatic demands of this region, and respond to the landscape whilst creating a sanctuary for his clients. Use of simple and robust materials including corrugated iron, recycled bricks, timber, and weatherboard are explored. Gavin has travelled extensively, and sought out architectural mentors along the way to assist in guiding and challenging his practice. Throughout his work, Gavin demonstrates that he is continuously inspired by the region, landscape formation and, history.